About Personal Shop

About Personal Shop

An international network of personal shoppers to help you find the best stores, wherever you are.

How often do you find yourself shopping in a new city, only to discover that the stores on the main streets are exactly the same as the ones in your hometown? We understand the struggle all too well, and that’s why we are here!

Personal Shop was founded in 2014 to guide you through the best shops that will match your taste and style needs, no matter where you are.

Our personal shoppers, image consultants, and expert fashion guides are here to help you with every aspect of your shopping, whether you are home or traveling and not sure on where to go.

You’ll have a memorable shopping experience with us: unique finds, exclusive access to studios, workshops and behind the scenes with the creators of every product. Our personal shoppers will work with your time and budget to organize every aspect of your shopping experience, making sure you get the most out of your trip, while you discover the city’s hidden stories.

Our network of personal shopping professionals offers innovative solutions, including shopping delivery and a designated driver, for an exclusive and unforgettable shopping experience. You’ll have fun, save time and look your best!