How To Shop for Handmade Clothing in Rome

May 06, 2017

How To Shop for Handmade Clothing in Rome

In Rome, bars take pride in their craft beers and trattorias boast that their pasta is "fatta in casa" (homemade). Romans have always valued originality, quality and attention to detail, and you’ll find that the same principles apply to shopping. Why buy a generic handbag from a chain store when you can find a much better quality bag in a specialist leather shop? Not only will it look better, but it will also last longer.

One of the pleasures of a shopping tour of Rome is discovering some of the Eternal City’s independent boutiques and jewelry stores. If you’re looking for high quality handmade products, try exploring some of the back streets of the historical center, where you might find a shop selling one-of-a-kind dresses, or quirky handmade earrings.

Monti is the place to go if you’re looking for something truly original – a one-off that you won’t find anywhere else. Independent boutiques, vintage shops and custom jewelry stores sit side by side, among an eclectic mix of bars, restaurants, churches and workshops. Some of the best shops can be found on busy streets such as Via dei Serpenti and Via del Boschetto.

When you’re exploring Monti, don’t miss Tina Sondergaard’s shop on Via del Boschetto, which has been featured in the Lonely Planet and Louis Vuitton guides to Rome. Tina uses Italian fabrics and altered vintage clothes to create individual pieces of clothing, which can then be tailored for the customer. She also creates hats and other distinctive retro accessories. “People are tired of mass-produced clothes,” says Tina. “People want originality”. One of the selling points of the shop is that you’re guaranteed to come out with something completely unique. Whether you choose a 1950s-style summer dress or a tailor-made skirt, you know you won’t see anyone else wearing it.

The vintage designs of Tina Sondergaard have become well-known in Rome, attracting locals, fashion-conscious tourists, and the occasional celebrity. But on your quest for handmade fashion, make sure you go beyond Via del Boschetto and explore the side streets of Rome too, where you’ll discover new designers and one-off pieces to treasure forever.

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