Roberto Musso: Quality Craftsmanship And Timeless Elegance

May 06, 2017

Roberto Musso: Quality Craftsmanship And Timeless Elegance

One of the highlights of Milan Fashion Week is seeing the new designs of one of Milan’s greatest contemporary designers: Roberto Musso. His Fall-Winter collection was striking for its bold, single color pieces – an elegant, long-sleeved red dress or an A-line, peach coloured skirt – and his Spring-Summer collection for 2017 contains similarly simple, classic designs.

Musso’s designs are appealing for their timeless elegance, and are clearly inspired by his travels and cultural interests. Some dresses in the Spring-Summer collection resemble kimonos, reflecting Musso’s enduring fascination with Japanese style and culture.

Although there’s a clear thematic connection with his previous collection, in terms of the simplicity of the designs and the sober colour palette, Musso’s new designs also feel distinctively fresh and original – perfect for the coming season.

Many of the shirts and dresses feature beautiful floral patterns, with swirling vines and large petals. These flowers add a playful touch, contrasting with the comparative sobriety of the other pieces, as their size and simplicity has an endearingly childish quality.

Other pieces stand out for their geometric patterns, such as skirts and dresses with square motifs, but the collection is remarkable for its monochrome simplicity – a white, kimono-esque coat, a minimalist black dress, or loose white dresses that evoke the elegance of Ancient Greece.

According to Musso,“the pace is dynamic, extraordinarily every-day”. These are bold, eye-catching pieces that are nevertheless practical and versatile, perfect for every-day wear.

Musso prides himself on the cosmopolitan nature of his designs. He grew up in Milan and studied at the Sorbonne, and also spent time in New York, where he collaborated with Barney’s as a style consultant. His priority is “quality craftsmanship”, and his handmade pieces are all unique, which adds to their appeal.

Musso is clearly one to watch, in Milan and beyond.

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