What to Wear During Pregnancy (Without Buying Maternity Clothes)

January 31, 2018

What to Wear During Pregnancy (Without Buying Maternity Clothes)

During the first few months of pregnancy, you can still wear your usual clothes like everything’s normal, but when your belly starts protruding, basically half your wardrobe becomes useless.

If you thought wearing non-maternity clothes would be impossible, well, rejoice! This quick style guide will show you how to use your own clothes and which ones to buy without spending a lot of money on maternity clothes.

The first thing you need to do is analyze your wardrobe and put away everything that you won’t be able to use during these 9 months, so your closet will be more functional and spacious.

So remove from your wardrobe all clothes that are too tight around your waistline, like jeans and high-waisted pants, and everything that is tight but not stretchy. Say also bye to shirts and tops that are too tight on your chest, which will definitely grow in the next 9 months, that’s why you should also replace bras and underwear that are too small.

Let’s keep, instead, shift, A-line and empire dresses; also stretchy pencil skirts, pants and skirts made of soft fabrics that you can wear high under your chest. If you still have them, very low-waisted jeans (think early 2000s) are also good during the early months.

  • 1. Stretchy dresses

  • Stretchy dress
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    Stretchy dresses are perfect for pregnant women, they are usually cheap and can be found pretty much at any affordable fashion retailer. They also show off your baby bump in a good way.

    You can wear them with a casual outfit or dress them up a bit more, both during summer and winter, wearing a warmer jacket that also helps you cover the hips, which will have inevitably gotten bigger.

    2. Longuette skirts

    Longuette skirt
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    This type of skirt is perfect to dress a baby bump, as long as it’s long enough so you can bring the waistband right up under your chest.

    To elongate this look, you can add a light or heavier jacket, depending on the weather, like we did above.

    3. Maxi skirts

    Maxi skirt

    Maxi skirts will be life saviors during these 9 months. The key is being able to bring the waistband under your chest, and making sure it’s stretchy enough to be comfortable. These skirts are great during the winter with cozy sweaters, and during the summer with oversized blouses.

    4. Flowy dresses

    Flowy dress pregnant
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    These are staple dresses during pregnancy, both during summer (with light fabrics such as cotton and silk) and winter (wool and jersey).

    If you add a belt, you’ll make sure the dress won’t fall straight down like a sack of potatoes, but it will look feminine and maybe even sexy.

    5. Maxi dresses

    Maxi dresses pregnant
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    The maxi dress is a must have for any pregnant woman. Choose a comfy one to use year round with either an open denim shirt or a wool cardigan. It’s also a great choice because when you are expecting you can have swollen legs and calves that you might want to cover. This one too is easy to find at many stores.

    We hope these ideas will get you started reorganizing your closet and having a clearer picture of what you can wear while you are pregnant, without spending a lot of money on maternity clothes.

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    - Jessica Lodigiani

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