Why You Should Try a Personal Stylist in Store

July 10, 2018

Why You Should Try a Personal Stylist in Store

A personal stylist can help you look great and feel confident by making you realize what type of clothes look best on you and what colors enhance your skin tone.

While hiring a personal stylist can seem like an elite service (but it's not), more and more stores now offer a free personal styling service inside their stores. You generally only need to book the service in advance to take advantage of this opportunity!

These stylists are hired by the stores but are as prepared as freelance stylists, so you should take advantage of this to give the service a try.

What does a personal stylist do?

A personal stylist’s job is to advise you on the best styles to enhance your figure based on your body shape and skin tone. The stylist’s job is also to help you shop for the items you are looking for or that are missing from your closet, which can be determined through a wardrobe organization, also part of the personal stylist’s job.

Why should I try a personal stylist?

If you ever have the feeling that your closet is full but don’t know what to wear, or you are not happy with the outfits you choose for yourself, or think you still haven’t really found your own personal style – these are all good reasons to try a personal stylist. A personal stylist can help you discover your personal style, organize your closet, do smart shopping so you only buy what really fits your style. Once you try the service, getting dressed will be easier and you’ll be happy with what you wear every day.

What’s the difference between a personal stylist in store and a freelancer?

The main difference is that the personal stylist inside the store is hired by store. This doesn’t make him or her a sales assistant though. The very job of the personal stylist is to tell you what looks good on you, regardless of the price and the bottom line. What is really going to make a difference for you is that the the personal stylists working at the store are only going to propose you styles and outfits sold inside the store where they work. An independent personal stylist will bring you wherever he/she sees fit based on your taste and body shape. However, when it comes to image consulting, both professionals will give you an unbiased analysis that will only take into consideration your body shape and your skin tone.

How does a personal styling consultation in store works?

A consultation inside a store generally works this way: You book the service in advance, either online or by phone. Once you arrive to your appointment you meet your stylist. Your consultation will start with an image consulting session, in which the stylist will do a body shape and color analysis, letting you know what styles and colors are best to enhance your body type and complexion. The stylist will then show you some items from the collection in the store that would be ideal based on the above, but also on your shopping needs. He or she will also assist you throughout the shopping, giving you tips on fit and helping you match items and create outfits.

How much does a personal stylist inside a store cost?

Nothing! Usually the stores that offer this service give it as a complimentary service to their clients. You generally only need to book in advance.

Is there any obligation to buy?

Absolutely not! The same way you don’t have any obligation to buy when a sales assistant helps you inside a store, you don’t have to buy anything when a personal stylist helps you either. Ultimately, this is a service stores want to offer to increase their customer loyalty and to make their clients happy. You don’t have to feel forced to do anything.

When can I try it?

You can try it with Personal Shop on Saturday July 21st! Our personal shopper Rachele will be at London’s Chalayan Shop from 11:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. The personal styling service will be free of charge. You only need to RSVP, letting us know around what time you’d like to come in.

- Elisabetta Silvestro

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