"Never Surrender" by Alessandra Giannetti

May 06, 2017

"Never Surrender" by Alessandra Giannetti

In terms of making a statement in fashion, there are few as bold as that of Alessandra Giannetti’s latest collection: “Never surrender, Never give up the fight.”

This quotation from the English suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst becomes a philosophy for fashion. The models for this Fall-Winter collection are photographed in black and white by Fabio Gasparri, standing in unconventional poses. Some women write, some take photos of their own. They look away from the camera, and one even turns her back to the photographer. Most striking of all are the two women dressed in black, who make a banner reading “Never Surrender,” and then display it to the camera. It’s a clear feminist statement from the fashion designer Alessandra Giannetti.

In the accompanying notes to the collection, Giorgia Serughetti makes the connection between fashion and politics: “English suffragettes, in particular, were pioneers of the fashions of their time, communicating through the aesthetic choices a political message of strength, beauty, modernity and democracy.”

The pieces in Alessandra Giannetti's collection are not conventionally “feminine”, and some clothes – loose white shirts, black trousers, trench coats and blazers – seem intentionally androgynous.

The style is elegant yet casual, as the models look comfortable and at ease, in contrast to the more mechanical, mannequin poses of most conventional fashion models. Alessandra Giannetti has created a look which is effortlessly stylish, but also practical. Looking at the diverse range of women from “Never Surrender” you can imagine them not merely modelling, but leading a revolution.

Alessandra Giannetti is based in Rome, but has also been inspired by her time in London and Tokyo. Although she has a degree in Japanese literature, fashion was her vocation, and while living in Japan she developed a minimalist, metropolitan style of her own. In her own words, her brand is “contemporary, versatile, simple but also elegant”, and her clothes are all handmade in Rome by expert tailors.

Since 2001 Alessandra Giannetti has been based in Piazza Capranica, a stone’s throw from the Pantheon. She regularly collaborates with the architect and photographer Fabio Gasparri, and is interested in the relationship between fashion and art. She’s also clearly influenced by the city of Rome and the refined style of its citizens – an ability to look stylish with a simple combination of clothes and accessories. While many of her customers are locals, the central location of her shop means that she also attracts a wide variety of international customers.

When in Rome, be sure to visit Alessandra Giannetti’s shop in Piazza Capranica. For exclusive visits to boutiques in Rome and the opportunity to try on the latest designs, book a personal shopper in Rome.

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