An Eye On Federica Berardelli: Bag Designer From Rome

May 06, 2017

An Eye On Federica Berardelli: Bag Designer From Rome

When in Rome, it’s not difficult to find a shop selling high quality leather goods. The shops of the centro storico are filled with elegant leather products, from purses to belts, and handbag lovers are spoilt for choice. But if you’re looking for Italian handbags with an original twist, it’s worth keeping an eye out for designs by Federica Berardelli.

Federica Berardelli’s idiosyncratic designs make conventional handbags look almost dull by comparison. Her Fall-Winter collection features a striking range of bags in shades of black, grey and pink, made from top quality calfskin and snakeskin. The bags are distinctive for Berardelli’s iconic eye motif – a large jewelled eye is emblazoned on each bag. For Federica Berardelli the eye is “a magic symbol, profound and beautiful”.

The designer’s obsession with the eye reappears in her Spring-Summer collection. This time, however, there’s a lighter and brighter colour palette, with soft pinks, bright blues and reds, classic cream and metallic colours. Framed by bright colours, Berardelli’s iconic eye seems less sinister, and details such as streaming tassels and patterned straps add a playful touch, appropriate for a designer with such a youthful aesthetic.

Federica Berardelli is part of the new wave of innovative young Roman designers. She was born in Rome, the daughter of artists, and began her career in fashion with jewelry design. In 2012, after a couple of years of teaching herself the craft, she launched her namesake brand of handbags.

She’s inspired by her travels and dreams, her love of cinema and contemporary art, and her interest in tattoos and Japanese culture. Although her designs may not be to everyone’s taste, Berardelli has a certain kind of customer in mind – a strong, independent, self-confident woman who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd. In her own words: “Bags are for me a reflection of the character and personality of the woman”. Any glance at a woman’s accessories gives some insight into her personality – her concept of style and femininity – and nothing makes a statement like one of Berardelli’s bags.

Those who value quality and craftsmanship have been particularly appreciative of Berardelli’s designs. The bags are 100% Made in Italy, using high-quality materials such as leather and python skin. Each product is completely unique, and embellished with the iconic jewelled eye motif.

Handbags by Federica Berardelli can be found in numerous shops in Rome, including the Coin Excelsior department store on via Cola di Rienzo and various boutiques across the city. Her bags are also sold in Milan, London and Ibiza.

To see Federica Berardelli’s designs in person and discover more up-and-coming Italian designers through exclusive events and personal shopping tours, book a personal shopper in Rome.

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